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Consider the Secular Franciscans

Franciscans strive to live the gospel, in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Franciscan come from all walks of life...Laborers, Professionals, Housewives,Executives, Workers, Ordinary Citizens, Managers, Career people, etc.

Franciscans meet monthly to replenish themselves spiritually and study God's way through Saint Francis of Assisi.

Franciscans learn to improve their prayer life, sacramental life, devotional life, .... The WORLD is their arena of activity.

Franciscans reach out to people in need.

Franciscans become involved in parish activities.

Franciscans volunteer services in whatever areas appeals to them.

Franciscans promote family life.

FRANCISCANS are people with desires like YOURS.

How do I Learn About the Franciscan Way of Life?

First one seeks a Fraternity location from your parish priest or from a Secular Franciscan.

You express an interest to learn about the Secular Franciscans.

The Fraternity Welcomes You.

You receive information about the Order.

An assigned Franciscan member instructs you once a month.

Remember, You have no obligation to join, just to learn.

Then, if You would like to continue your studies, you are Admitted into the Order of Franciscans Secular (OFS).

Your information and education about the Order continues at a deeper level.

You also attend meetings where Franciscan topics are presented and discussed.

In time, You are asked whether you want to make a permanent commitment to the Secular Franciscan way of life. If you do, you are Professed into the Order of Franciscans Secular.

You continue to learn about your Franciscan way of life through monthly meetings.

What are the Obligations?

Nothing binds you under sin except what binds you as a Catholic.



You and Secular Franciscans

Secular Franciscans are a Religious Order. It is a vocation to a Way of Life.

You have to be called to serve.

You learn your calling by attending meetings.

You will never know if You are called unless You try.

The Stigmata Fraternity

Mt. Alvernia Retreat Center
Wappingers Falls, NY
(845) 297-5706
Meetings: usually on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:15 PM in the chapel.
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