Photographs from the 2011 Icon Writing Retreat

The following photographs were taken on the last day of the icon writing retreat in July, 2011. The icon writing retreat was directed by Mother Sophronia of the Hermitage of St. Elijah, Berlin, New Hampshire.


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Icons: Works in Progress

The following icons are in various stages of development and are not listed in any particular order.

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Retreat Participants at Work

This participant lovingly works on her icon.

retreatant1.jpg (975 bytes)

This participant lovingly works on her icon, too.

retreatant2.jpg (1548 bytes)

This participant intently works on his icon.

retreatant3.jpg (1311 bytes)

This participant displays her icon.

retreatant4.jpg (1234 bytes)

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Conference Room and Work Area

Here is one of Mount Alvernia's conference rooms set up as a workshop.

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Here is a work area.

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